Red Smoke Not for Smoke Signals Any Longer

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Now I have nothing against drifting.  If I had a car to do it, I would.  I've read the magazine articles where muscle-car gurus step into some of the top Drifting competition cars and come out saying they have a whole new respect for the sport.  But I guess until I save up enough cash to waste a set of tires in 10m, I guess I will not be a competitor.

My drifting experience was in my 1975 Monte Carlo (big big nose, short short rear end, driver's position waay back near rear axle).  That car was the perfect drifter, just I was 17 at the time (that was 13 years ago).  I got a few lectures from the cops back then for my "drifting" around corners.  For some reason, that car was so easy to slam down into 1st, mash the throttle and whip the tail end out.  I was taking hair-pin turns at ~30 to 35mph.  Given I was using both lanes sliding sideways.  "It just looks so cool", my friends said.  Yes, peer pressure. 

So if any of my highschool buddies are reading this, remember the red-sled?  lol



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