Block Popups/Ads With a Single File Copy!

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I’ve seen this before but haven’t really gone back out to find an updated file to use since I’ve formatted a few times over the years. 

There is a file on your machine called a “hosts” file.  We use this a lot for programming websites.  Well, you can use this file to block the majority of Spyware and PopUps that come up on your browser. 

I know i know, “I already have a popup blocker”.  Yep, but do you have a “Ads” blocker?  Blocking those annoying Flash and/or animated ads from annoying the hell out of you?  This is what this file does.

I went out and found a fellow by the name of Mike that has been keeping an up-to-date file that you can download.  Mike explains it best on his site:

You can also just download the file manually here: (best to right-click and save as). 

If you don’t know what to do with this file, resort to the first link above.


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