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Besides the big-ass $5 PayPal green image above, I have a number of affiliate links that you can use below. Picking one gives you props on Twitter.

Get $25 Credit at Ting

Ting me and get $25 credit!

I switched my family from Sprint to Ting around May 2013 and have saved $980 so far as of April 2014. How are your cell phone bills?

You can get a $25 credit on any new device or towards your first bill by using my affiliate code. I will also get a $25 credit as well for referring you! It’s a win-win.

Once you go Ting, you’ll never go back.

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Dollar Shave Club

Are the blades any good?
No. Our blades are f**cking great!

And do you think your razor needs a vibrating handle, a flashlight, a backscratcher and 10 blades? Your handsome-ass grandfather had one blade, and polio.

Stop paying for shave-tech you don’t need.

As a proud member since 2012, Dollar Shave Club is exactly what it sounds like – $1 blades; though, I usually opt for the $6 ones with free shipping.

Use my affiliate link below, and I’ll get a $5 credit – just enough to buy a beer.

Amazon Affiliate

If you shop Amazon a lot, you can use my referral code on your next purchase.
It’s pretty simple:

  1. Come back to this page when you are ready to make a purchase
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  3. Make your purchase.

You can verify what I am doing by looking at the url. You should see something like:

DNSimple for DNS

I have been purchasing domains since 1996 and using 3rd party DNS servers since 2002. By far the best and most inexpensive I’ve used is DNSimple. No more GoDaddy DNS outages, no more DNS delays – they really serve up to 1 minute TTL!

By using my referral, signing up and when you active your account you’ll have two months of free service.

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