Track Stephen Jr.

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How many of you watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart?  *raises hand*

How many of you watch one of the former news anchors on The Daily Show, Stephen Cobert's Corbert Report (pronouced Corbear Repor - no "t"s)?  *raises hand*

Ok.  A few months ago he adopted a Bald Eagle (it was at the Institute for Wildlife Studies being nursed back to health).  Over time, it has healed and sored out into the wild - free.  It was named, Stephen Jr.  They placed a tracker on this eagle to track it's path.

Tonight, they had a special to where they checked on the bird's location.  A funny skit, as Stephen Jr. ended up in Canada (Stephen hate's Canada).  So I just had to check.  Did they really track it? (click on Interactive and then "Track an Eagle")  Stephen's eagle is A-46.

Hehe, the site was pretty much crashed when I went to it - no doubt others trying to view the site as well. 

But I was shocked - they are actually tracking Stephen Jr.!  So, in a few more months, or a year or two, you'll know where you can go to check the flight path of Stephen Jr..

Well, that's if you really wanted to.  That's just how I think.  I'll check back in a year or so, just because.  Just because.  To know.

Yeah, I'm Goofy.  Live with it.


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