Toolbars No More! (Continued)

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Now what prompted me to write up why you don’t need Toolbar applications any longer was because of the mess of Included Software now for applications you normally download.  From reputable sources!

The RealOne player tries to sneak you into installing Yahoo!’s Toolbar on their homepage.  Even after that, it STILL tries to install Yahoo!’s Toolbar on installation. 

The QuickTime installer tries to sneak in the Yahoo! bar.  As well as the Adobe Reader 7.0.  Windows Media Player tries to sneak in the MSN Toolbar.  And another freeway app tries to sneak in Google’s (from a machine I was setting up today).

Don’t you just want to SLAP the bastards?  I feel very sorry for end-users that aren’t catching this.  They’ll have all sorts of Toolbars installed.

I understand each company is trying to push some advertising/steer users to their websites (Google, MSN, or Yahoo!) to generate additional income.  But guys, WE ARE FIGURING IT OUT!  They are getting as bad as SpyWare crap now, bogging down our machines.


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