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A friend of mine is pulling the motor out of his 240z he's going to be road racing.

He sent over a link today, that had a video of him "Prepping" for the pull.  It shows a time-elapse segment of an entire day - from his garage.

Kudos to Chris.  Nice music from Cake too.

What a great idea!  A cheap webcam, even wireless, computer in the house - record it all and post it on the net (insert: Automatically). 

Does everyone know about Microsoft's PowerToys?  There's one specifically for this called "Webshot Timer" I think.  You can configure it to take a snapshot from your Webcam every X number of minutes, and it will even upload it to an FTP account for you.  Think of it as a "Live Webcam, with X minute delay" as most people use it to overwrite a single image constantly.

You could take all of these, write them to a directory automatically.  And at the end of the day, compile them into a video.  :)

Wow, the possibilities are endless.


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