PostIcon Updated

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You can download The MiXX Collection that includes the updated PostIcon AddOn from these urls:

(install only)

(source code-must compile)

Change Log:
2006-12-16 (v0.9.3.25764)
 - Changed from throwing exceptions to just logging exceptions, to
   allow the rest of the page/site to load without redirecting to an
   error.  To debug, look in your CSExceptions for UnknownError and
   FileNotFound errors logged. 
 - Added in parsing of the regex groups in the config file. This
   allows for custom regex patterns to be used, and you can
   explicitly set what group this module will parse the needed values
 - Fixed a small issue to where the PostIconModule was using the last
   used AnchorPosition specified in a post as the default for the
   time the AppPool was running.

Updated previous version, and deleted old files.

PostIcon Updated

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