Mount ISOs in XP - for Free!

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I just found the coolest little download from Microsoft.  A free download to mount ISO files as drive letters (think MAC here).

Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP

Now THIS needs to be included in Vista, if it is not already.  As the source of where I found it said, it’s a little bit of a manual process and it’s UnSupproted by MS (use at your own risk).  It’s got an ugly interface, but for Vista it should be a built-in right-click.

But we all know how slow VirtualPC is to install an OS from a CDROM.  Using this tool I was able to load up W2K3 Server very quickly. 

Tip: When running the virtual PC, make sure to go to CD -> Use Physical Drive Z to enable the ISO to boot from. 

Very very nice…

Thanks to pleloup for finding this. 

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