Hooray!! I Saw *******

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Laugh FactoryTelligent and IMG World joined forces to develop I think one of the best designed Community Server sites to date.

Today IMG launches the Insultatorium - Laugh Factory's Community site.  Their welcome message says it all:

"An uncensored place to share videos, photos, and jokes with comedy enthusiasts around the world."


I very much praise sites that make it a point to be uncensored.  Too many censor, and for such BS these days, that I hardly visit any forums any longer.  I'm sure the admins of those previous sites don't miss me at all, but the users do miss my knowledge   <- No that was not bragging.  I'm a Ford ASSET graduate and have a lot of knowledge to give and help others.  But I be censored?  I no go to that site.

Anyhoot, check out the site above.  I was commissioned to wrap up phase 1 development with Deryl Dorsett  But a warning, it's NWS.  But that makes it more fun don't it?  :)

Phase two will be kick ass (current site x100), but under wraps at this time so shhh.  First rule of Fight Club is no one talks about Fight Club.

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