Jim Allchin Launches WindowsVistaBlog.com

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The Windows Vista Team launched a makeover to their blog site, now using Community Server.  They partnered with Telligent to overhaul the the Windows Vista Team Blog, and I'm quite impressed with the layout. Jim Allchin talks about their updated launch here


Using some nice transparent PNGs (and some IE6 hacks to get around the non-PNG support), it's a very clean site.

Like the IEBlog I've started to read, from the Internet Explorer team, I've really liked the direction that companies are taking by opening up their engineers and development teams to the public eye.  Letting you talk one on one with them.  Microsoft and Dell are the two leading ones that I know of at this time.

So, go add Windows Vista Blog to your RSS reader and stay up to date on it's latest news.

Jim Allchin launches WindowsVistaBlog.com

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