Holding Out for What You Want

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Just had to blog about waiting for something you want, but don't need.

Over the years I've used my friend's Canon Digital Rebel cameras.  This is quite an impressive camera.  I've used the earlier one, the updated one, etc.  And the 8 MP XT has been out for a little while.

Well I never had a good camera - or even a camera at all.  I did buy a used digital one from a friend of mine that was ok (couldn't take night or fast-motion shots), but it stopped working reliably shortly after that.

Next week I'll be taking a long road trip, and I didn't want to miss out on anything.  So I did it.  I dipped into the funds, and purchased a good SLR - finally.

A new Canon Digital Rebel XT 8MP - for $579!  I think the eBayer thought it was the older 6.3 MP version.

Anyhoot, first picture under the "custom" settings is above.  And many more to come!


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