Taking Bets - Coin Jar Emptied!

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UPDATE: Riley was the winner with his calcuated guess of $889.23.  The correct answer was $851.51.

So I have this old Bud Light coin jar I got as a house warming present from a friend when I moved to Atlanta back in March of 1997.  I had a rule (briefly) that when people visited, they must keep the Coin Jar Gods happy and contribute their loose change upon arriving (like I said, didn’t last long).

Coin Jar

It’s been about 8.5 years since I started this, and yesterday I decided it was too full (you couldn’t fit another penny in it).  I took it by the bank yesterday and they are cashing it for me.  I’ll know Friday how much it held.

So does anyone want to take a guess? 

I’ll go first.  Based on the amount of coin I started this jar with, I’m going to take a conservative guess and say $1,633.81.

Get it cashed, for free!
Oh on a side note, do not take your change to Kroger or use those automated “cashing” machines.  They charge an arm and a leg.  Instead, go by your bank and ask for “Coin Bags”. These are specially re-enforced and sealable coin bags you can fill up.  They will take ‘em, sort ‘em, count ‘em, and deposite ‘em into your account - for free!


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