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Let me put this into perspective. 

You can:

  • Answer cell calls with a BlueTooth headset.
  • Answer office phone calls with the same BlueTooth headset.
  • Talk in PC Video Conferences with the same BlueTooth headset.
  • Talk with VOIP for things such as Gamers and Vonage, using the same BlueTooth headset.
  • With a laptop, connect to the Internet via 256+Kbps DUN anywhere that has SprintPCS coverage (i.e. on road trips or no WiFi hotspots, < 2s to connect).
  • Newer Sprint phones are suppose to support up to 1.2Mbps download rate (like the one mentioned below).
  • Especially with Sprints Nights @ 7pm, it’s free all night and weekend long.

With three devices:

And you can do this without removing the cell phone from your belt or pocket, or lifting your handset on your office phone.  That’s just too cool.  Just imagine, riding along on a road trip or in the car pool to work in the morning.  Flip open the laptop and connect to the Internet, without removing the phone from your belt clip.

I’ve spent a long time researching these devices, and finally the day has come.  They are on order. 

Now if I can just get them all to work… 


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